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adidas Runners is an international community of people from all walks of life who run together, not against one another, with the ultimate goal being self-improvement.

It’s completely free to join the adidas Runners and what’s unique is their holistic approach to running, which is based on five pillars:

MOVEMENT: Move your body in ways that power your body and spark your mind with HIIT and full body workouts.

NUTRITION:  Charge your body and brain with the correct food and hydration for maximum energy

throughout your training.

MINDSET:      Generate positivity, flow and motivation for more focused runs.

RECOVERY:    Recover to enhance the benefits of your hard work, prepare yourself for new

challenges and strengthen your resilience to stress and injuries with yoga sessions.

GEAR:             Find the right running clothing, footwear and accessories to suit your style.

What can you expect?

Each adidas Runners is led by a Captain and supported by Boosters. These experienced runners will make sure everyone in the group is supported out on the road regardless of pace. No one gets left behind.

After successfully completing five adidas Runners events, you’ll receive your very own adidas Runners city t-shirt which proudly features the community you run with. There are also various other rewards to strive for as you progress on your running journey.

Meet the Captains and Boosters from your nearest adidas Runners community:

Cape Town team  |  Joburg team  |  Durban team

Need a little inspiration?

  • Watch as Dharfeur walked, jogged and ran his way to significant weight loss and a new lease on life.
  • After overcoming a car accident and tuberculosis, watch Kurt find his purpose though running.
  • Diagnosed with diabetes and Stage 4 Lymphoma, watch as Chantal finds strength in running.
  • Mariam defied those who said she’d never run because of spondylitis – watch how it’s changed her life.

Ready to join us?

There are a few ways to find out about events:

  • Join one of our adidas Runners Facebook groups (Cape Town, Joburg, Durban) – you’ll find our event schedule, which includes a mix of virtual and physical runs, workouts and wellness sessions.
  • Download the free adidas Running app (App Store or Google Play), click on Community, search for adidas Runners Cape Town, Joburg or Durban, and join the group.
  • Follow us on Instagram @adidasrunners ,@adidasZA

You can even join one of our international communities the next time you find yourself overseas.

We look forward to welcoming you to a run soon! As Dharfeur says, “you can run faster alone, but further together.”