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Behind the Scenes with Nabilah Kariem Peck

Fashion content creator Nabilah Kariem Peck recently shared her favourite fitness looks wearing the new adidas hijab, and spoke to us about its significance in her life.

What does hijab mean to you?  

Hijab is a major part of my identity. It started off as simply a direct instruction from God, but has overtime become a primary means to express my faith and devotion to my Creator.

I believe that when you wear hijab, you walk through this life as a Muslim first and everyone can see it. This grounding nature of hijab is extremely important to me.

How does your hijab empower you? 

In so many ways. From a cultural and societal standpoint - the freedom to wear hijab proudly while still integrating with the rest of society when that has not always been the case.

For me personally, the ability to be able to represent girls who look like me in the media is extremely empowering.

Anytime you allow someone to freely exist as they truly are, they will feel empowered.

Can you share any fashion tips on how to dress wearing hijab?  

To this I would say that all culture shifts and fashion trends still apply. Hijab fashion, or modest fashion, does not exist outside the realm of the normal fashion industry – rather, it refers to a slightly different way to style these trends for example, a bit more layering, slightly higher necklines and slightly longer skirts.

You’ll find plenty of modest fashion inspiration on Nabilah’s Instagram page, including her favourite adidas fitness looks.

The adidas hijab is available in an assortment of beautiful colours on and at adidas Performance stores, retailing at R399. 

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