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ZXience Network

adidas Originals Launches the ZXience Network 

The ZXience Network is an oddly satisfying takeover of the adidas Originals YouTube Channel featuring a diverse mix of creators and content from across the world, all meant to mesmerize the senses.

From live action and animation to experiments and tutorials, the ZXience Network brings the oddly satisfying experience of wearing ZX sneakers to life

Our featured animated program, the Stream of ConZXiousness, sees adidas Originals work with four distinguished creators. Throughout the series each creator will offer a window into their stream of consciousness, candidly describing different oddly satisfying qualities associated with the ZX 2K BOOST: gaming superstar Ninja talks ‘flexibility’, vintage clothing icon Sean Wotherspoon explores ‘color gradients’, actress Mette Towley dives deep into ‘comfort’, and actor Ranveer Singh investigates ‘squishiness’

Each Stream of ConZXiousness  is animated, bringing audiences further into their imagination. True to network TV tropes, between each program on the ZXience Network features progressive ZX logo animations inspired by the rich legacy of the franchise. In addition, a series of ZXientific Displays explore the oddly satisfying tech behind the ZX 2K BOOST in illogical ways. 

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